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JAVA is one of the most pouplar programming languages for apps, learning it is easy

JAVA is one of the most pouplar programming languages for apps, learning it is easy

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Program license: Free

Program by: Bluej

Version: 5.0.2

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac


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BlueJ is an introductory piece of software designed to help those starting off with Java learn the basics of the programming language in an environment that won't overwhelm or discourage novice users.

Everything you might expect to be included in a full-featured Java environment such as this one has been included. That includes text and graphic editing, interactive object development, a debugger, compiler, integrated editor, and virtual machine. The user interface for this software is specifically designed for ease of use, which makes it the optimal method for learning Java if you have no experience with the coding language. The suite also includes an instructional PDF that includes everything a beginner might need to know about Java and the BlueJ system.

This tool was created by developers at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom and Deakin University in Australia. Sun Microsystems supports and approves of the software, so you can rest assured that BlueJ provides legitimate, focused knowledge. Since the project was developed specifically for new learners in the Java environment, it should come as no surprise that it was built to be easy to learn without sacrificing detail.

When BlueJ was initially released, one of the most common issues reported with the software was stability problems during the code-compiling process. As new versions of the software are released, the number of reported problems goes down significantly. Thankfully, there's a number of online forums and other digital resources for dealing with any issues in the software as they arise. One of the most recommended resources for BlueJ is the dedicated discussion forum on Google. There, you'll find hints for getting through any issues you might have.

If you're the type of person who prefers to learn on your own, or you simply have no experience with Java whatsoever, BlueJ is one of the best places to start your journey into the world of coding.

In the most recent version of BlueJ, a number of changes have been brought to the software. Objects can now be built with type parameters, and some uncommon problems with incremental parsing were repaired. In older versions of the app, statement execution failed to cause inspectors to update, but that has been fixed. Before the most recent update, the result field display wouldn't resize when the result inspector was also resized, but that is no longer an issue. There are fewer stability issues in this version when compiling code than in any other version, and out-of-place line breaks are no longer incorrectly inserted via the auto-layout feature. Scope highlighting has also been repaired for when inner classes are inserted.

Java is perhaps the most popular coding language on the web since it is both powerful and relatively easy to learn. With BlueJ, you can tap into the full potential of Java and your own creativity.


  • Intuitive Yet Complete Java Environment
  • Well-Organized User Interface
  • Optimal For Novices


  • Stability Issues

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